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The Confidence Fighter

Oct 17, 2021

Laura Young, #lesswastelaura, shares her story of becoming a climate activist.  She talks about COP26, the global climate summit happening in November in Glasgow, and lots of top tips on how we can make small changes in our lives to live more sustainably.  

Sep 30, 2021

Amelia Monaghan, aged 19, talks about visiting China and learning Chinese. She shares her wisdom on stepping out there to take risks, and asks herself that question "If I wasn't afraid, what would  I do?"

Aug 22, 2021

Ellen tells her fascinating story of leaving her home country, The Netherlands, and moving to UK in her twenties.  Here she built her life and career, and stepped into the unknown to follow her dream of starting her own fashion company.  An inspirational tale of taking risks and following your heart.  

Aug 3, 2021

Asia's mother is from Jamaica and her father is from the UK.  Her parents' work has seen her live all over the world.  She talks about coping with the microaggressions towards her hair through her teenage years, and how she dealt with it.  An inspiration to anyone who's dealing with difference.  

Jun 26, 2021

Georgia talks about breaking up with her husband and marrying her wife, and the courage it took to make hard decisions.  A really inspiring conversation about taking risks, how there's no such thing as a mistake, and all the wisdom she's accumulated in her thriving career as a teacher.