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The Confidence Fighter

Jul 7, 2022

A gritty and fascinating conversation about racism. Rebekah is a criminologist, an academic, an activist, and a coach.  She shares her insights on institutional racism, her personal experiences of racism, racism as trauma, and her adventures with the US police force.  

Jun 22, 2022

Audrey shares her top tips for using body language to convey confidence, warmth, competence and charisma.  Lots of practical advice on non-verbal communication and some of the danger signs to watch out for as well.  

May 29, 2022

Yosh talks about her Eyptian roots, and moving all round the UK as a child, and the challenges of fitting into British schools, often the only Muslim in her class.  She explores what Ramadan means to her, and how her faith has played out in her adult life.  

May 2, 2022

Dr Emma talks about the highs and lows of medicine, and being a doctor in covid times.  She specialises in children and teenage dermatology (skin) and looks after patients with conditions like severe rashes, birth marks and skin cancers. She is passionate about advocating for those living with...

Apr 23, 2022

Jenni grew up in Germany and South Africa and talks about the impact of that on her sense of identity.  Her first career was in TV Journalism, and then made a move into Executive Search.  She talks about taking risks, having great support networks and what it means to have agility and resilience.